Application Programming Interface

Welcome to the Hictu API developer documentation! Below you'll a helpful documentation on all of the different methods you can use to get data from Hictu. API Methods that require a particular HTTP method or parameter will return an error if you do not make your request with the provided specifications.

HTTP Requests

Methods to retrieve data from the Hictu API require a GET request. Methods that submit data require a POST.

Simple API

The Simple API is a very simple interface to access lots of data from Hictu. You can get data via XML. You do not need a Developer API Key to use the Simple API.

Full documentation on the Simple API

Making a User Profile Request
Making a Last User Posts Reques
Making a Video Request

Advanced API

The Advanced API is a little more complicated than the Simple API, but you can access to Hictu platform with "write perimission". Thanks to this methods you can post your thoughs in our home page or share your videos.
In order to access to the Advanced APIs you need a Developer API Key.

Full documentation on the Advanced API

Get a Developer API Key
Posting a text message
Posting a video message

Response Formats

At the moment we provide our responses in XML format.


The XML version of the data is a very simple XML format that should be easy for you to parse. You can use SimpleXML in PHP to easily parse it.

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